Final Media Product



Evaluation Question 7:

7 .Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?



Looking back on my progress from my first preliminary task to my final film , I can safely say that I can see an range of improvements in both my editing and my variety of shots used to make the film more visually intriguing for the audience.

Firstly I feel I have grown more confidently in my use of the programme Adobe Premiere and I feel I can now confidently edit shots together more so than I did in my preliminary task as my editing process for my film was a lot more efficient than that of my preliminary task. In my preliminary task I used the 180 degree editing rule to convey a conversation between two people, however I did not included dialogue in my media product meaning I can’t compare my progression in this editing skill as the 180 rule is disregarded in my film.

However I feel that using the 180-degree rule in my preliminary task helped me to improve my confidence in my editing skills and Becoming more aware of factors effecting the shot such as stability. I have further become more confident in a range of different shots such as long shot and extreme close up shots, which both use a variety of depth of fields making my overall product more effecting and interesting.

Furthermore I feel my continuity has improved since my preliminary task as after editing a variety of basic shots together in the preliminary task we were assigned to film a mundane task such as an everyday chore filmed using a variety of different shots edited it together to make it appear more interesting for the audience. I filmed the simple task of walking the dogs, I found using variety of different shots through different angles and heights etc. not only made my film more interesting it helped improve my confidence in my editing skills as previously I would never have thought it possible to edit such different shots together, with a continuous sense portrayed throughout.

Another large progression is the addition of after affects to my final film, as I leant to use the complex programme to create my indent and to practice title creation exercises for example selecting font and an effect for example a type writing effect. This has enhanced my final product and made it look more professional and more similar to real media products, with a similar genre to my own media product.

Evaluation Question 4:

Who would be your audience for your media product?

Firstly I started my research looking at age ratings for a crime themed genre, the general result was a 12 years +, which gave a wide variety of different viewing ages ranging from young teenagers to middle aged people, making the general target audience harder to specifically aim at.

Next I did a survey which was passed out to many different ages from different areas and from both sexes to get a more reliable result.This narrowed the target audience to be younger people making the target audience more specific. This gave me a general response from result form my research and survey cutting down the general target audience. Finally I did a survey with a person who fit in the age category for the target audience to get a more specific response.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 09.50.36

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 12.25.21

This is Emma, she is 16 years old and often watches films, with a particular interest in action and crime investigation theme genres. These include Hawaii 5 0, Sherlock and NCIS. Currently she is studying her A-Levels at school and outside school she loves to be active in watersports and music based activities where her interest thrives.

Emma enjoys the Crime genre due to the “build up of suspense and ambiguity throughout. Leaving the audience to be able to study the characters for example the reason why for the crime, alibis and motives involved. This further allows the audiences views on characters and emotions to fluctuate, further changing the perspective of the audience”. Emma believes that there is always needed a build up of information and clues to allow the audience to piece ideas together which further allows the audience to interact and become involved with the film. She loves the uncertainty and mysterious sense that a crime film portrays.

Evaluation Question 2:

2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?


In order to evaluate how social media groups are represented in my in my media  product, I first needed to research the typical leading roles of victims and killers in a crime genre film. And then compared my main protagonists as teenage girls to other leading crime films to show my representation to a particular social groups. For example My actors Meg , Emily and Emma are all teenage girls similar to victims in films such as safe haven, Hawaii 50; and all of which have a similar crime themed narrative structure. where as other crime themed films may have a range of victims ranging in sex and age, which I have then further just decided to focus on teenage girls, to be more specific.

For my antagonistic actor I have used a tall male as portrayed in other films such as point break and taken which show the male to be more commonly portrayed to be violent and abusive toward the woman.

Through my main actors being teenagers it allows other teenagers to sympathise and become empathetic towards the fear and violence which has been portrayed in my media product; but further allow other audiences to be attracted towards my media product due to the suspense and mystery which allows the audience to become engaged. I think the use of teenage victims as my protaginist actors emphasises the vulnerability of girls, which can be viewed as a successful representation to social groups, therefore fitting the conventions of a crime film.

First Draft

I like the use of the lighting in the first draft and the relationship between the crime scene and the killer with the red balloon, but I would focus more on a range of shots, in a range of location such as a field, the beach and outside the outside the house (as shown in the first draft), I would change the actor for the killer to be more masculine, and for the victims I would use different people both boys and girls to highlight the different crime scenes.